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Do you know when your emails fail or are marked as spam?

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Store messages sent via Mailgun

Saving a copy of the message sent to your customers is a great idea. But what if your app/service doesn't have that feature? Mail Flagger solves this dilemma. Mail Flagger will save the message sent by Mailgun. View the message your client received at your convenience.

A transactional sent folder.

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Monitor email event activity

Keep track of email activity. Are your customer's messages being bounced that previously were being delivered? Could be your Mailgun IP address was flagged by the customer's Email Service Provider. Mail Flagger tracks important events like this so you can address the problem quickly!

A little history goes a long way.

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Customer Insights

Easily group all events by recipient. View how recipients view messages on mobile or desktop, iOS or Windows.

Customer Experience

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