We are happy to announce the launch of Mail Flagger. A Mailgun email tracking and analysis platform for bloggers, developers and entrepreneurs. Monitor your member email engagement without modifications to your application or website. Mail Flagger integrates directly with Mailgun via API.

Mail Flagger provides developers, bloggers and marketers insights into their Mailgun email transactions. Whether you’re a developer that needs to check why a customer didn’t receive their password reset email, a blogger that wants to track how many users are receiving their newsletter or marketer tracking transactional promotions, Mail Flagger is for you.

Before I give a brief tour of our product, my name is Sergio and I’m the creator of Mail Flagger.  I am a software developer and business owner.  I have worked on a lot of projects and the common thread has been email communication.  Whether it was a technical issue such as notifications or marketing, email communication plays and important role.

I have worked a lot with Laravel, which is a fantastic framework.  In fact, Mail Flagger is built with Laravel.  Every project I worked on required email.  Sending emails was a breeze with its simple integration with Mailgun.   But then what? If something went wrong and the email log was purged or I wanted to keep track of emails to users?  I had to find my own solution. The solutions was to build my own software to handle these and other questions.  Each project the feature got a little better. It saved outgoing messages, used webhooks to track events in real time and the interface evolved.

Then I did a marketing project using Ghost.  If you haven’t heard of Ghost, it’s a fantastic CMS publishing platform that allows for members and subscribers.  The coolest feature is the integrated email notification/newsletter to members when the publisher publishes a new post.  The same issues and questions I had with my Laravel projects started to arise.  Some user didn’t receive sign up emails.  Even worse some users that were previously receiving emails, stopped receiving emails. I couldn’t research the problems properly because the logs had been purged.  I could have paid for the Mailgun tier that held logs for 30 days but could not justify the cost for the client since she sends about a thousand emails a month.

I looked for a third party solution but didn’t find one.  That is when I decided to create Mail Flagger.  A platform to easily understand what is happening with your transactional emails.

Email and Mail Flagger

Email may not be as glamorous as SMS/MMS texting (which we plan to add as feature in the future), but it is difficult to argue against how effective and essential email communication is.  An effective email communication process involves more than sending out an email.  It involves follow up and tracking.  Mail Flagger provides the following features to facilitate your process.


The most important feature we offer is storing the message that was sent out from Mailgun and all email events. This is the most important because once we save the data we can examine, filter and improve.  We save all messages from Mailgun in JSON and MIME and all email events tracked by Mailgun.  Logs and messages are stored for up to a year.


Insights improve your customer experience.  Easily investigate when emails fail, users unsubscribe or are reported as spam. Drill down and quickly see user activity.


Easily track all your projects from a single account regardless of application.  Add unlimited email domains from Mailgun to a single Mail Flagger account.

Mail Flagger For Developers

Mail Flagger is excellent for developers.  Whether you need a bridge application until you implement an in house solution or you want a third party to handle email logging for you so that you can focus on your application’s core features.  Mail Flagger is an excellent choice to get results and lighten your load.

Mail Flagger For Bloggers

What you do best is write content but email is a crucial part of your business.  Let Mail Flagger provide peace of mind your email and event logs are available when you need them.  Easily read events without having to decipher JSON logs.

No Hassle Setup

Mail Flagger integrates directly with Mailgun so there is not installation or integration required for you application.  Simply use your Mailgun Api key in our integration section and select the domains your would like Mail Flagger to track.


Whether you are a developer, blogger, marketer or a DIY (do it yourselfer) Mail Flagger can provide the additional email services you need.  I use Mail Flagger for all my Laravel and Ghost projects and its made handling the email portion of projects much easier.  

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or request.

Mail Flagger