Applications need a means of communicating with users.  Most, if not all will use email.  Unless email is a core feature within your application it doesn't make much sense to spend too much time building this out.  If you are a developer that manages multiple applications and have to maintain email features in multiple applications makes even less sense.

Here are some scenarios on how Mailflagger can help.


Building an MVP application.  Focus on your core features.  Once your application is sending emails use Mailflagger to track and verify email delivery.  Your busy and on a budget so Mailgun logs may not be around by the time you come around to checking them.  

Time to launch

Minimize time to launch.  Less features to build means launching your application sooner.


Less code means less code to maintain.  Woohoo!

Multiple Domains and Multiple Mailgun Accounts

Monitor emails for multiple domains from a single account.  Mailflagger allows one account to monitor multiple domains from multiple Mailgun accounts.  If you have projects on different Mailgun accounts you no longer have to log into each one individually to check your logs.  

Debugging Your Email Features

When solving a problem, one of the first things we're taught in computer science is to divide and conquer.  One of my favorite features in Mailflagger is sending email messages using Mailflagger with the same Mailgun domain your application is using.  With this feature you can determine if the problem is with the application, with Mailgun or a user's email service.

Take Mailflagger for a Test Run

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